The Team is the Quickest Path to a Better Remodel

In this photo: The remodel team for a G Home by Rocking Horse Redevelopment, which received contract after only one day on market. Purchase price $40 per square foot, sales price post-remodel was $111 per square foot.
Pictured are some of the team members, including from left to right Chris Wass and Ashla Kinnaman fromFirefly, Ron Emes from Energy Construction, Amy Bubier from AB Design, Rob Anderson from Rocking Horse Redevelopment, and Todd Russo from REEis. Also pictured in the lower left corner is Luke.

Since 2009, the G Home has consistently outperformed traditional remodels, appraising for higher values, experiencing fewer days on market, and improving neighborhoods with appraisals that reset most recent square foot values.

The buyers of G Homes report back that the reason they were willing to pay more for their newly remodeled home was due, in order, to aesthetics and comfort, location and perceived value, and efficiency.

When interviewing G Home buyers, the overwhelming response to the reason they made their purchase was aesthetics and comfort. Michelle Gibbons, a recent G Home buyer says, “the G Home looked so much better than anything else on the market in my price range, that it made the buying decision easy.”

The key to creating a better remodel is the team. The instrumental players include the Project Owner, Real Estate Professional, Green Consultant, Energy Rater, Mechanical Specialist, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, Manufacturers Representative, third-party Verifier, and Contractor. The above team is implemented on every single G Home remodel.

During a traditional remodel, a Contractor may be assigned to make all of the remodel decisions. Many Contractors are capable of remodeling a home and attaining good results, but the best results are reserved for those remodels that implement the team approach.

Implementing a team approach may seem like a lot of work, however, in a tough market it is necessary to distinguish one’s remodel from the competition if achieving maximum value.

The first step to executing a remodel team is to have a Project Owner who is progressive and understands the value of working with a remodel team of professionals, and that investing a little more will result in a better return. The Project Owner will rely on a savvy Real Estate Professional to acquire the best properties, assess exit price, and to create a marketing plan.

Once the house is acquired and ready for the remodel, executing a team meeting is an effective strategy in attaining the most informed decisions and design. Those present will include the Energy Rater, HVAC Specialist, Green Consultant, Interior Designer, Real Estate Professional, Contractor, and Landscape Designer. This team will assess the best improvements to make based on the remodel budget.

The team approach may seem like too much work for a single remodel, but the end result is guaranteed to be better than remodeling in the traditional manner, including financially and environmentally.

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