New Standard for Luxury: Green Certified

G Home™ by AAK Investments features a HERS Index of 69 and is Emerald Green Certified

The latest benchmark for a luxury home rehab is achieving energy performance that exceeds that of a new home by more than 30%, and exceeds the performance of ENERGY STAR v3. The Builder behind this amazing energy efficient rehab and high performance G Home™ is John Luke, President of AAK Investments. Nestled into Camelback Mountain, the well-located Phoenix home features beautiful scenic city views of downtown and Papago Mountain.

The rehab of the 1962 house resulted in Emerald green certification as verified by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center (NAHBRC). Emerald certification recognizes pre-1980 rehabs that result in a 50% or better improvement to water and energy efficiency, and meet minimum requirements for ventilation and indoor air quality.

The energy measurement is based on The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, which is an industry standard for a home’s performance. Some of the variables included in the rating are windows, mechanical systems, lighting, shading, insulation, and appliances. The lower the score the more efficient the home, in the case of the G Home™ by AAK Investments, the post score of 69 is 31% better than a new home built to code.
Luke says, “We not only wanted the rehab to result in showcasing the amazing city views from the property, but we also wanted to achieve
energy efficiency with lower electric bills. We also used materials, coatings and paints that do not contain harmful chemicals, and were careful to preserve the site and make best use of the natural

Luke’s attention to detail paid off, the estimated annual electricity savings is $2500 and the green certification of Emerald is a statement to a quality project that is third party verified.

To assist in making a high performance and well-designed rehab, Luke consulted with the G Street™ design team, which includes a Landscape Architect, Mechanical Designer, Interior Design Professional, and green Consultant. For quality workmanship, Luke hired Knipp Contracting, a multi-State company that works with Rehabbers, Investors, and Builders.

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