Green Homes Do Not Sell For More

when green is not enough

Despite claims by green rating systems such as LEED and Earth Advantage, green homes do not sell for more.
On the other hand, well-located, green-certified homes that implement the recommendations of a good, licensed Interior Design professional sell for more (assuming a good Landscape Designer or Architect is also implemented).

Ultimately, the consumer defines a home’s value. A home is worth what someone is willing to pay, assuming the appraisal supports the purchase price.

There has been much discussion about green certified homes selling for more. The fact is, if a home is not aesthetically pleasing inside and out, well designed, and livable, then it will most likely not demand a premium. A qualified Interior Design professional is the one who is best qualified to maximize the above.

The majority of green rating systems encourage or require a pre-construction design meeting that recommend a Landscape Designer, Mechanical Specialist, Architect, Contractor, Framer, Plumber, and Electrician; this meeting could be considered the most important strategy to a remodel that maximizes return on investment. However, often missing from the pre-construction meeting or team Charrette is the Interior Designer.

qualified Interior Design Professional is the most important team member in creating a well-designed remodel that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and adds value to the sales price. In a tough market, if one intends to sell his or her remodel, then it is important to make the best choice of materials based on budget, along with attaining a nationally recognized green certificate.

The majority of consumers desire an efficient home that costs less to live in, but typically buyers are not going to sacrifice design, aesthetics, or comfort.
A LEED-certified Platinum home with bad choice in paint colors, countertops, cabinets, design, and finishes will not meet the demands of the market or a premium in sales price if it cannot attract a buyer who is willing to pay more compared to a traditional listing.

Green certification is not enough to make the claim that a home sells for more. The more accurate claim is, if a green-certified home follows the recommendations of a qualified Interior Design professional early in the project, then it will most likely demand a higher purchase price compared to a home that does not make the best choice of materials, space design, or staging.

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