Green Listings

Mid-Century modern rehab has transformed this property into and amazing home that includes superior energy efficiency, programable smart features , energy metering, and LED lighting. This home is G Home certified, and exceeds Green Certified Emerald as defined by the National Green Building Standard (ICC-700). 

Get a new home that features the successful design and construction strategies that make G Home the leader in the residential rehab market. These 14 new homes feature a HERS Index of 25 – 35 and an average monthly electric bills as low as $45. The houses are modeled to achieve certifications by EPA WaterSense, Indoor Air Plus, NAHB Green, and ENERGY STAR. 

The first LEED Gold-certified in the United States. This beautiful G designed remodel in located in Biltmore Park, Phoenix. The remodel reduced the average monthly electric bill from $350 to $90. This home features low-VOC materials, native landscape design, and a HERS Index of 65. 

The first NAHB green-certified remodel in the United States. This home was awarded the NAHB green remodel of the year. Features include native landscape, low-flow fixtures, low-VOC materials, a HERS Index of 65, and foam insulation.

The first NAHB green remodel in Colorado, features a walk score of 75. This tiny home remodel, is energy efficient and save time and money with easy commutes and access to mass transit. Materials used are low-VOC, making indoor air quality a priority. 

First home to be remodeled and receive green certification from the Scottsdale Green Building Program and NAHB. Anthony Floyd, Scottsdale Green Building Manager states, “This G Home remodel is a first for Scottsdale and symbolizes renovation done right; the result and the thoughtful design is truly amazing.”